Reiki (lll) Healing For Owners & Pets

Chronic condition, anxieties, emotional healing, zen space, wellness (Virtual)

  • 30 minutes
  • Envogue Elite Pet Grooming

Service Description

Holistic Wellness for People & their Glamour Paws! Reiki is for stress relief, pain relief, grounding and self love... Reiki is an wonderful non-invasive healing technique that compliment western medicine , to speed up the healing process. Hospitals world-wide use Reiki energy before and after surgery. Reiki works with mind -body -spirit- mental, physical, emotional to help the body heal it self. Reiki is extremely beneficial for animals, as there is no physical contact necessary. It can even be given across the room or yard to a shy sick or injured animal. Also we offer Distant Reiki Healing for people and animals ! Specific Reiki techniques are used to send healing energy to anyone, anywhere in the world. The science is the same way as you can call someone from Cali to NY... Through the electromagnetic waves, energy is not confined and can transcend time and space, healing energy is effectively sent through Reiki for the betterment. You will be very happy how you and Your Furry Buddy will feel after a energetic healing session. I am a Usui Reiki (lll) Master, Teacher & Practitioner of Divine Lineage: Also I am Animal Reiki Certified. I help dog moms and dads connect to their animals spirit, through meditation, Hz frequencies, crystals, aromatherapy and much more, feel free to call for consulting. Every session and consult is held in complete confidence with the highest of integrity and discretion.

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  • 3903 18th St, San Francisco, CA, USA